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Here are some YOUtube links for new music that we are going to be singing over the next few months. It would be really good if you can find some time to listen to them. Although the quality of the versions is variable at least you can become familiar with the

tune and timing. Click on the title to take you through to the video link.


 The links in bold are either being sung in the next couple of weeks or we are beginning to learn them.


1013 Mass of Christ the Saviour (Schutte)


X 2 Mass  of Glory (Hurd and Canedo)


x 21 Mass of Simplicity (Hoy)



812 Christ be near at either hand  21st January


Turn your eyes  21st January music copy here


871 Lord you have come  21st January


856 Take the word of God  21st January


929 Oh the word of my Lord  28th January


814 Blest are they  28th January


721 Oh Lord my God  28th January


462 Gather your people   4th February


X 61 Please break this bread  4th February


967 O the love of my Lord 4th February


625 Bread for the world  4th February




986 In the day of the Lord   (learning but difficult rhythm in verse)


641 Within the reign of God  (learning)


838 God has chosen me


614 See this bread


432 Lay your hands


775 I have loved you


x 116 See the stricken boat  


x 80 The light of the world


743 All that is hidden  (learning)


395a Take ,O take me as I am


274 Darkness is gone  (click on preview button)


288 On the journey to Emmaus


856 Take the word


693 The heavens are telling


905 The love of the Lord Joncas      


859 We have been told


882 A touching place  
















Song Book Mass of Trinity gloria



REHEARSALS are at at St Teresa's church, Eastwick Rd. We try to meet on Sunday mornings for 30 minutes before Mass- between 10:15 and 10:30




Please come and join us- we love to have new musicians and singers

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