One God, One Family, One Community

In this week’s readings we have the call of Samuel the prophet as a young man, Paul urging us to remember that we are members of the body of Christ and so should be careful what we do with our bodies and, in John’s Gospel, Simon’s first encounter with Jesus, who tells him he is to be called “Cephas, meaning rock”. At the beginning of the Church’s year it is a good time to take stock: to ask myself how I have been living my life and whether there are changes I should make so that I am really united to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Perhaps God is calling me closer to him. Perhaps Jesus is inviting me to serve the Church in some way. Can I put my own preoccupations aside and rise to a challenge I have felt creeping up on me for some time? It might not just be giving up smoking or cutting down on the Chardonnay and giving the money saved to the poor, it might be something even more challenging – but whatever it is, Jesus will be with us, encouraging us to grow in generosity, so that we too can say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”    

                                                              Fr David